The Panama News blog links, October 3, 2016


The Panama News blog links

Washington Post, Stunning photos of the PanCanal expansion

Hellenic Shipping News, New locks pompt new look for old equipment

The San Diego Union-Tribune, Bethancourt might be pitcher/catcher/outfielder

EcoTV, Gómez llama a jugadores para el amistoso de Panamá ante México

Baseball America, MLB moves Venezuelan Showcase tryouts to Panama

Mongabay, Program aims at Panamanian indigenous women’s food concerns

Telemetro, Britton: el fracaso de la educación panameña

PanARMENIAN.Net, Panama Papers leak dents new Panama incorporations

Reuters, Panamá registraría caída de hasta 20% en apertura de las SA

La Estrella, Préstamos nuevos al sector construcción cayeron 10.7%

Reuters, US Treasury steps up hunt for real estate money launderers

Dawn, Contract expiration ends US authority over Internet IP addresses

Apex Tribune, The death of the last Rabb’s Tree Frog

STRI, 26 jaguars killed in Panama so far this year

NBC, Are satellites the next cybersecurity battleground?

Business Insider, Google saves journalist hit by “record” cyber-attack

BBC, Medicine Nobel for cell recycling work

Video, Wall collapses at Costa del Este highrise construction site

InSight Crime, Panama requests Martinelli’s extradition

Kyiv Post, Former Ukrainian official makes bail in Panama

Diplomatic Intelligence, EU Lib Dems seek Panama Papers whistleblower protection

EFE, EEUU anticipa “decisiones difíciles” en Colombia

El País, El renacer de Álvaro Uribe

Video, FARC women and the challenges of a peace that hasn’t quite come

WOLA, Peace is still possible in Colombia

Piri, Shocking Colombian vote

Jung, On the ground with USAID in Honduras

Boff, The coups of 1964 and 2016: by the same class

ICIJ, Trump’s Iranian bank tenants

Russell, Dakota Access Pipeline: Legal encounters of the third kind

Jacobin, Chelsea Manning’s integrity

Weisbrot, Is Human Rights Watch too closely aligned with US foreign policy?

Barnes & Noble Reads, 11 books that were banned for ridiculous reasons

Fischer, The West on the brink

Stiglitz & Pieth, The real scandal behind the Panama Papers

Simpson, Cuando “La Percepción” ataca

Beluche: Donald Trump, el Martinelli yanqui

Flores, La necesaria transformación universitaria


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