The Panama News blog links, December 7, 2016


The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

Travel Pulse, More cruise ships to visit expanded Panama Canal

Hellenic Shipping News, Delivering on PanCanal expansion promises

JOC, US Congress set to pass ports bill

DFNI, International players eye Tocumen duty-free spaces

Q Costa Rica, Sixaola bridge construction moves closer

Sports / Deportes

Sky Sports, Yafai seeks to take Concepcións belt

BBC, Football Leaks suggest tax fraud by Ronaldo and Mourinho

Metro Libre, Remeros se alistan con sus cayucos para la temporada 2016–2017

Economy / Economía

Video, Del Monte reactiva zonas bananeras en Chiriquí y Bocas del Toro

La Estrella, La ocupación hotelera llega a su resultado histórico más bajo

Caribbean News Now!, Regional financial institution moving here

Reuters, Chinese business courts Taiwan ally Panama

WSJ, China focuses on closer Latin American economic ties

PR, Mining merger hangs on Cerro Quema environmental permit

Science & Technology / Ciencia y Tecnología

STRI, Corals that survived Caribbean climate change

KTLA, Worst recorded coral die-off for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Mongabay, Learning the kinetics of whales’ lunge feeding

ALAI, La mitad de los acuíferos de la Tierra se están agotando

CBS, Are nuts good for you?

News / Noticias

Telemetro, Panameños protestan por mayor control migratorio

Video, Demonstrators demand release of Okke Ornstein

DPA, El Siglo y La Estrella denuncian bloqueo de Washington

The New York Times, Panama seeks to shed image as a magnet for shady deals

Prensa Latina, Brazilian prosecutors seek support in Panama

The Indian Express, BRICS working to get Panama Papers bank details

ICIJ, Panama Papers have had historic global effects which continue

WSJ, Risk and compliance considerations in the wake of the Panama Papers

Toronto Star, Panama Papers clue in old Modigliani mystery

Reuters, Torture marks on six bodies found in pit in Panama

Colombia Reports, Court case stalls FARC demobilization

BBC, Court orders head of Brazilian Senate to resign

NACLA, Indigenous resistance in Nicaragua’s elections

Foreign Policy, China really isn’t joking about Taiwan

Opinion / Opiniones

Del Corro, De China al Sahara y ahora a Trump: los muros de la historia

Varoufakis: Trump, the Dragon and the Minotaur

WOLA, Colombia’s peace accord depends on end of attacks on social leaders

Amnesty International, Fidel Castro’s legacy

McEnteer, Vultures over Havana

Rodriguez Martinez, International transparency in the eyes of the beholder

Ash, They’ll be back

Sagel, ‘Reality Show’

Simpson, Algo positivo del gobierno

Rodíguez Reyes, Ricaurte Soler

Bernal, Marisín…

Culture / Cultura

Barbados Nation, Panama Dreams screening

TVN, Desfile de antorchas de los bomberos


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