The Panama News blog links, January 7, 2016


The Panama Jazz Festival, both a series of concerts and a major educational event, is January 10 through 14.

The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal / Maritime / Transportation ~ Canal /Marítima / Transporte

JOC, Suez Canal traffic steadily declines, ¿Será 2017 el año del canal seco interoceánico en Costa Rica?

LAHT, Paraguay and Bolivia eye interoceanic railway

Sports ~ Deportes

Sporting News, CONCACAF: Why 2017 could be the year of Panama-mania

Schoenfeld, No one hits like Rod Carew anymore

Video, Uchiyama vs Corrales rematch

Economy ~ Economia

AFP, Panama looks to talks with France to get off tax haven list

ICIJ, Panama’s revolving door shows the challenge of offshore reform

MICI, Gobierno extiende control de precios

Eyes on Trade, Robert Lighthizer named as US Trade Representative

Science / Technology ~ Ciencia / Tecnología

Mongabay, Panama’s birds may not fare so well in a warming world

La Estrella, Falleció bióloga Ruth Reina

STRI, Are tiny grazers the new hope for Caribbean reefs?

UNEP, The future of coral reefs under climate change

EFE, Un gigantesco iceberg a punto de desprenderse de la Antártida

Mongabay, Free online analysis of forest change

Telemetro, Panamá registra dos mil muertes por año asociadas al tabaco

ScienceAlert, Device can bypass spinal injuries to help defeat paralysis

WSJ, Vera Rubin forced the cosmological theorists to think again

Quartz, A big problem with satellite imagery — and a solution

News ~ Noticias

AFP, Sons of Panama’s ex-president deny bribes from Odebrecht

Telemetro, Blandón defiende transparencia en contratación de Odebrecht

MercoPress, Odebrecht bribes return ratio

Reuters, Panama sees no change in relations with Taiwan and China

La Prensa, Juzgado niega fianza de excarcelación a Aldo López Tirone

BBC, Colombia approves amnesty agreed in FARC peace deal

Schwartz, Kelly claimed “narcoterrorism” has killed 500,000 Americans

Opinion ~ Opiniones

Hill, After Aleppo

Belam, We’re living through the first world cyberwar

Fischer, Europe’s new “indispensable nations”

Foreign Policy, Democracy is dying as technocrats watch

Thompson: In a world of fake news, real journalism must be paid for

Caldwell, What the alt-right really means

FIP, Concentración de medios en América Latina

Farthing, How TIAA funds environmental disaster in Latin America

Página12, “El gobierno de Michel Temer se acabó”

Smilde, 10 questions for Venezuela in 2017

Simpson, ¿Es Panamá un país corrupto?

Culture ~ Cultura

Ornstein, So what the hell happened to Bananama Republic?

AFP, Costa Rica estrenará primer filme estilo Bollywood de Latinoamérica

Rybus, Photos show why people are leaving the Guna Yala islands


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