The Panama News blog links, February 15, 2017


Yes, it’s Dominican-American stuff, but very popular in Panama

The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

AP, Expanded Panama Canal still faces challenges

AP, Panama Canal Authority assures safety after report on wear

Splash 24/7, One in 50 ships has a fender bender in the new locks

Video, New PanCanal locks aren’t big enough

La Estrella, La actividad portuaria de Panamá cayó 9.1% en 2016

Fresh Plaza, Mexico renews old interoceanic corridor idea

Seatrade, Maersk and MSC add Asia – Europe and trans-Pacific services

Economy / Economía

EFE, Panamá pide a OMC sanciones por $210 millones a Colombia

ANP, Panamá será centro de distribución regional de Hewlett Packard

Caribbean News Now!, Regulator moves against Odebrecht’s bank in Antigua

Bloomberg, EU probe finds that UK is becoming a prime tax haven

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

Scientific American, Record lows for sea ice at both poles

Washington Post, Ethicists advise caution with gene editing tool’s use on humans

ReliefWeb, Building a better Zika response strategy

Mongabay, LatAm palm oil planting doubled without much increase in deforestation

El País (Colombia), Cali también tiene su propia ‘escuela de hackers’

Spaceflight Now, India lofts 104 spacecraft with one rocket

News / Noticias

La Estrella, Fallece Ricardo Arias Calderón

NY Daily News, Family remembers Columbia grad slain in Panama

The Washington Post, Panama seeks arrest of Martinelli sons

TVN, Ana Matilde: “Decisión política puede tumbar a Juan Carlos Varela”

Telemetro, La defensa es que Riaño seguía instrucciones de Mossack Fonseca

La Estrella, Antai no investigará por las declaraciones de Fonseca Mora

The Washington Post, Brazil’s scandal spreads to the rest of Latin America

Dunya News, Pakistan Supreme Court resumes Panama Papers hearings

BBC, Mexicans march against Trump

Mongabay: Honduran politicians, US aid implicated in killings of environmentalists

AP: Con inmigrantes, empresa de cárceles de EEUU ve oportunidad

Daily Mail, Florida man shares photo of aide who carries nuke codes for Trump

NPR, US spies intercepted calls between Trump staff and Russians

Opinion / Opiniones

Ramsey & Bernal, Colombia’s ELN peace talks

Weisbrot, NAFTA has harmed Mexico a lot more than any wall could do

Sader, Why is neoliberalism surviving?

Maass, Dark essays by White House staffer are source code for Trumpism

Karon, Trump and the rebirth of press freedom

Greenwald, Leaks outing Flynn are serious and justified crimes

Gandásegui, Western terrorism

Blades, Otra tormenta perfecta

Sagel, Ignominia y vergüenza

Simpson, ¿Debe renunciar el presidente Varela?

Culture / Cultura

Vatican Radio, Pope writes preface to book by victim of clerical sex abuse

Chronicle of Higher Education, Otherness philosopher dies when needed most

NPR, DJ Betto Arcos shares his musical finds from the Panama Jazz Festival


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