Gabbard, Instead of a travel ban


Instead of a travel ban

by Tulsi Gabbard

As we look around us at the chaos in the world today, we see people who are inflicting violence and terror upon others in the name of religion and identity. This bloodshed is only going to be stopped with a message that rings true across all religions. Love. I spoke about this on Sunday at the 10th Annual Prophet Muhammad Day at Rutgers University. The next day the Trump administration issued a new executive order revising their original, illegal travel ban.

We should not be putting in place a blanket ban of refugees, especially when we have actively been fueling the counterproductive regime change wars that have caused them to flee their homes in the first place. These people would much rather stay in their homes and live in peace. That’s why we must address the cause of this refugee crisis and end the destructive US policy of counterproductive regime change wars, as we’ve seen most recently in Iraq, Libya and now in Syria.

No matter where you’re from, no matter what religion you practice, your ethnicity, race, or anything else  — what is it that can bring us together as people? It is, what we call in Hawaii, aloha… sincere, deep love and respect for other people as children of God. I am determined to fight for the American people, to fight for peace, fight to end this counterproductive, illegal regime change war in Syria. This war does not serve the interests of the Syrian people, nor does it serve the interests of the American people.

Will you help spread my my message of aloha by sharing Sunday’s speech? In order for there to be peace, it is essential that we become ever more respectful and loving of others, regardless of our differences in religion, race, ethnicity, or nationality.

Only such mutual respect and love can unite humanity and ensure our country a bright and peaceful future that we all want.


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