The Panama News blog links, May 2, 2017


The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

AFP, Buque de 13.000 contenedores bate récord en el Canal de Panamá

Port Strategy, Canal expansion “fails to meet expectations”

Hellenic Shipping News, Panama Canal performing above expectations

New Scientist, Mega-canals could slice through continents for giant ships

Maritime Executive, IMO Regional Technology Center proposed for Panama

Splash 24/7, Lloyd’s says technology will play a bigger part in shipping

Business Insider, China launches first domestically built aircraft carrier

Sports / Deportes

La Estrella, San Diego espera que Bethancourt puede recuperar el toque

SB Nation, Panama International Pereira Joins TFC II

Telemetro, Panamá sufre dura derrota ante Costa Rica

TVN, Panamá gana seis medallas en campeonato regional de jiu jitsu

Economy / Economía

AFP, Varela optimista sobre futuro ingreso de Panamá a Alianza del Pacífico

NZCity, Panama’s famous coffee makes its way to Australia

La Estrella, Los panameños adeudan $48,930 millones a los bancos

TVN, ASEP investiga a ETESA por los apagones

Telemetro, ASEP multa a empresas eléctricas por apagón nacional del 2013

The Hill, Trump’s dramatic retreat on trade

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

Entomology Today, A peek at mysterious sweat bees in Panama’s treetops

WHO, Malaria: retreat of a centuries-old scourge

The Washington Post, Science funding spared for now under in budget deal

The Intercept, How to keep your smart phone chats truly private

News / Noticias

Costa Rica Star, SPI agent shoots American tourist

El Confidencial, Así saqueo la Universidad de Panamá

Newsroom Panama, Lawyer fingers Martinelli sons

TVN, Aprehenden apartamento y cuenta bancaria de Ricardo Martinelli Linares

Jamaica Gleaner, Malta calls early elections over Panama Papers scandals

Geo News, Panama has been trashed in rest of the world: Maryam Nawaz

DW, Opposition rejects Maduro’s call for a new constitution

BBC, Brazil hit by first general strike in two decades

WOLA, A global guide to US security aid programs

SPLC, New alt-right “Fight Club” ready for street violence

Politico, Trump rally altercations could add to legal woes

Rolling Stone, Craig Phillips to fix Wall Street?

Opinion / Opiniones

Stiglitz, Lessons from the Anti-Globalists

Greenwald, Trump’s support and praise of despots is central to the US tradition

Roach, A world turned inside out

Palley, Trumponomics: neocon neoliberalism behind an anti-globalization circus

Zinn Education Project, Why we need to reclaim “the commons” in the curriculum

Zamorano, The OAS and the crisis in Venezuela

Hetland, Why is Venezuela spiraling out of control?

Sagel, Los 100 días del Donald

Yao, ¿Es neutral el Canal?

Gandásegui, Los trillones de los paraísos fiscales

Simpson, Analizando la oferta electoral 2019

Bernal, Seamos centinelas

Culture / Cultura

Celebrating The Rag: Austin’s iconic underground newspaper

La Estella, Teatro gay: De mangos y albaricoques


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