Anti-corruption prosecutor goes after Martinelli’s media deals

public enemies of the strutting but lesser kind
‘I don’t see Martinelli’s name in there!’ In a money laundering scheme the names of the principals are not supposed to show, and Panama’s corporate secrecy laws make this easier to accomplish. This chart is about how EPASA, the parent company for El Panama America, La Critica and some other media holdings was bought, then to become Martinelli political props and the recipients of huge inflows of government advertising revenue. On the left side of the chart, most of these men and companies have been named in shady transactions that were either contracts with the government or illegal things that were protected by the government. A bribery and kickback scheme? So it would seem. But in any case the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office is looking at it as a money laundering scheme. On the chart you see the Ochy family and Trans Caribbean Trading listed, and while this money laundering probe is going on, so is a prosecution of that family business, some of its principals and some public officials for overpriced road construction contracts with kickbacks.

Leader of the laundromat?


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