Posts from the last few days of our latest exile to Facebook

but Boris...
Sneaky, the traps they can weave….

From the latter part of our recent exile

The Panama News uses the editor’s Facebook page as a vast extension of its content, mostly other people’s stuff but also original things, and all of the back and forth banter on this issue or that. It’s also a backup in times of crisis, when our website is shut down or made dangerous by various sorts of hackers. We could spend way more money than we have to armor our website and try to make it impregnable, or we can be resilient, retreating to our backup position while we figure out and counter an attack. We retreated, found and fixed the vulnerability, and are back. It took in-kind donations of expertise and a relatively small donation of money to deal with this particular attack. The loss in readership while the website was crippled also implied a reduction in donations, and although we don’t believe that we can build a defense that will fend off all attacks we are looking at some new defenses that will cost a bit of money.

In any case, if you didn’t visit us when we were on Facebook, here are some of the things you missed:

Richards, health care bill alert

Note and discussion: WHO built the Panama Canal?

Hightower, A surge in Afghanistan

Timeline photo: Take him away!

Make that SIR Richard Cooke

RSF on World Refugee Day

Editorials: China; and America

Timeline photo: Low-density paleta route

Avnery, The New Wave

¿Wappin? A mostly soft Saturday


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