The Panama News website is under attack. This is a test of our defense.


If, when you tried to open this page, you saw one of these:

This is not the only pop-up. All of them say that they are from, which is an outfit in Mississippi. Some, like this, are for illegal in the USA online gambling, which industry is home to many cheats who don’t pay if you play and win. Others are for financial services which on the faces of their promotions appear to be fraudulent. Those folks in Mississippi may not have actually placed the ads here.

…the problem is still ongoing.

We are also getting, from our MalwareBytes program, messages like these which point to two other offenders:

accomplice 1


accomplice 2

These spam criminals are not only attacking The Panama News, they are attacking you. Despite it being a website hosted by a US company, and an apparent promotion for such US federal offenses as online gambling and wire fraud, the general practice is that the FBI protects SONY but not small websites from Internet crime. But you still might want to report it.




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