The Panama News blog links, August 16, 2017


The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

JOC, ACP aims new tolls at bigger ships

Bunkerist, LNG reservations becoming difficult for Panama Canal

La Estrella, ACP presupuesta $40 millones para reemplazar a la grúa Titan

Maritime Executive, AMP signs for new cruise terminal

AFP, Bianca Jagger leads protest against Nicaragua Canal

Nikkei Asian Review, Influential Thais in push for Kra Canal project

Sports / Deportes

TVN, Panamá le da la corona mundial del béisbol intermedio a Latinoamérica

La Estrella, Carstens gana bronce contra rankeados mundiales en Moscú

The Guardian, NFL Hall of Fame inductees denounce racism

Economy / Economía

Fitch Ratings, Panama Metro Line senior secured notes

Chiriquí Natural, Los bancos finalmente llegan a Kiad

La Estrella, Aumento de multa a empleadores de inmigrantes ilegales

White Collar Post, Panama Papers: Canada gets tougher on tax evasion

ANP, Panamá concentró el 44% de la inversión extranjera de CA en 2016

La Prensa, Revoca permiso para tres torres en construccón en Paitilla

PR, Generali sells Panama insurance business to ASSA

La Estrella, Los permisos de construcción aumentan 21%

AFP, ¿Venezuela está al borde de un default?

Velasco, The Sandinista shell game

Amico, A regulatory race to the bottom?

Taibbi, Is the LIBOR financial benchmark a lie?, IMF warns of Chinese credit’s “dangerous trajectory”

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

Smithsonian, How fly guts are helping researchers catalog the rainforest

Triple Crisis, Early death in Russia

The Wire, The many unique features of the yellow seasnake

Yale Climate Connections, Planners turn rising seas into game

Santos & Beckinsale, Scientists are creating an atomic ‘Lego set’ of 2D materials

News / Noticias

Newsroom Panama, Panama moves to ban plastic shopping bags

Intercontinental Cry, Panama trial of three Ngäbe leaders

Telemetro, Denuncia abuso tras defender zonificación residencial en Albrook

USA Today, Wild Bill and partner sentenced for Bocas murders

Texas Public Radio, Panamax maneuvers focus on canal defense

Colombia Reports, Did Pence just get the cold shoulder in Colombia?

BBC, Brazil’s President Temer survives corruption vote

The Guardian, Bolivia approves highway through Amazon biodiversity hotspot

El País, Congreso chileno despenaliza aborto en tres casos

Newsweek, Lawsuit claims White House colluded with Fox on DNC staffer hoax

The Guardian, CIA’s ‘enhanced interrogation’ psychologists to face trial

Opinion / Opiniones

Michael, The seeds of the alt-right

Sutton, Daniels & Maclean, Trump’s ‘global gag’ will hit women traumatized by war

Cole, Top six falsehoods embraced by John Kelly

Gore, Fixing democracy to combat climate change

Thornton, An empire upside down

Baker, Ten years later elites have learned nothing

Diaz, Vatican’s ‘ecumenism of hate’ essay is onto something

Santos, We weep for you Venezuela

WOLA, Coca and the Colombian peace accords

Polo Ciudadano, Repudiamos las amenazas contra Venezuela y la visita de Pence

Rodríguez Reyes, Clase política desprestigiada

Blades, Trump y sus amenazas, etc.

Bernal: Panameño, reclama lo tuyo

Culture / Cultura

The Guardian, Spain honors Ladino language of Jewish exiles

Sagel, La ciudad de los libros

Mongabay, Colombian shamans seek to restore traditional power

DW, German courts take on the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Galindo, Remembering Rius

La Estrella, Museo de la Plaza Mayor de Panamá Viejo abre sus puertas

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