The Panama News blog links, August 30, 2017


The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

La Estrella, Prácticos de la ACP piden anular pacto con remolcadores privados

The Guardian, Russian tanker crosses Arctic without an icebreaker

Huffington Post, How a Nicaragua Canal sparked a woman’s fight

Bloomberg, New ships hold natural gas longer

Curaçao Chronicle, Copa nearly alone in serving Venezuela

ANP, Panamá quiere tener un vuelo directo a Londres

Willies, United Airlines solved my Hurricane Harvey dilemma

Sports / Deportes

RPC, Panamá va con todo a la Batalla del Azteca

TVN, Penedo será baja para dos partidos

La Prensa, Jennisín Rosanía gana medalla de plata en el Mundial de Jiu Jitsu

Economy / Economía

PR, Bondholders sell most condo units at Trump Ocean Club

Xinhua, Britain to boost trade with Panama and Colombia

RPP, Odebrecht vende hidroeléctrica en Perú a consorcio chino

UN News Center, Latin America and Caribbean at difficult juncture

Rivera León, Latin America’s innovation potential is largely untapped

PR, A win for privacy is a win for the web

CNBC, Fitch: US ‘AAA’ rating at risk if debt ceiling not raised

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

Eos, Barro Colorado’s tallest trees die mostly from lighting, Evolutionary arms ‘chase’

Science, Proofs that the first Americans arrived by boat

E&N, ¿Robots asesinos? Elon Musk advierte a la ONU de su creación

The Guardian, Botched surveillance may be behind injuries at US embassy in Cuba

CNRS News, What makes the Earth’s mantle flow?

Mongabay, Orange crop waste shows potential to restore tropical forests

News / Noticias

La Estrella, Lluvias provocan nuevas inundaciones en la ciudad de Panamá

La Prensa, Delator dice que más exministros recibieron coimas

La Estrella, Las treinta sociedades de la ‘trama Odebrecht’

Telemetro, Abogado habla sobre el caso Financial Pacific

Cubanet, Panamá deporta a 13 cubanos de vuelta a Colombia

The Intercept, New details on US role in 2009 Honduran coup

Xinhua, Ecuador’s VP barred from leaving country due to Odebrecht case

Globovision, Capriles habría recibido $15 millones por parte de Odebrecht

Jamaica Observer, Venezuela’s ex-AG says Maduro involved in Odebrecht case

BBC, Guatemala court overrules order to expel UN official

The Guardian, Brazilian court blocks abolition of vast Amazon reserve

Huffington Post, White House ditches equal pay rule

Democracy Now!, The Mercers and the dark money behind Trump

Opinion / Opiniones

Biden, We are living through a battle for the soul of this nation

Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fighting neo-nazis and the future of free expression

Klein, Now is the time to talk about climate change

Smart, The clash of the data titans

O’Neil, The era of blind faith in big data must end

Gurumurthy & Chami, The right to privacy in digital times

Hamilton, To Russia with love

Fischer, The new nuclear danger

FRENADESO, El consuegro del hombre más acaudalado del país es preso

Blades, Maduro cancela gira de Dudamel

Jackson, Edmonston & Bonilla, La visita de Pence a Panamá

Gandásegui, Universitarios rechazan visita de Pence

Culture / Cultura

The Seattle Times, Friends honor artist’s last wishes with a water ballet

OZY, Mexican satirist redefining the tone of Latin America’s political conversation

Notre Dame News, Digital library documents modern Latin American Catholicism

BBC, Brooklyn’s Photoville photography festival

The New York Times, A changing street in Panama City


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