Join the protest online: CLOSE THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS!

It’s quick, cheap and easy: 1) Make a sign; 2) Take a selfie with that sign; 3) Share it and urge others to join.

Freedom Time is NOW!

On July 2, Congress will be on vacation with new private prisons for minors separated from their parents or guardians who were seeking asylum under construction. Those who support those more than $700 per day per kid contracts will mostly avoid questions about it, although some may boast in front of white supremacist audiences.

So July is a protest month, with various groups staging different sorts of protests on different days. MoveOn is holding events on July 2, at the White House and elsewhere. Some protests will happen on July 4 (US Independence Day), July 12 (when Democrats in Europe will gather for vigils) or July 14 (Bastille Day, a French holiday and the international day to support political prisoners). But join the July protests online at your earliest convenience, wherever you are. Via the Internet, register your protest against American concentration camps for kids.

Make your sign — as basic or complex as you like, but readable and understandable.

Take a selfie. You may want to edit the picture for better quality.


You may want to share this item, or make a similar version of your own with the same general message but particulars suitable to you and your friends, and send that around online. This is not about organizational ownership. Nor is it just for US citizens, nor need it be English-only. This is a worldwide grassroots movement for elemental justice.


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