Kudos to a colleague in Panama’s English-language news media

Let The Panama News spin its spin below, but first let’s show proper deference and just pass on The Panama Cyberspace News promotion in their own words and pictures:
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In response to some recent inquiries on how to subscribe to the Panama Cyberspace News, below are the various options:
The annual fee is thirty dollars ($30).

In addition to cash, payments are accepted in any of the following methods (request instructions):
• Banco General in Panama (request account number)
• MoneyGram or Western Union (request instructions)
• Pentagon Federal Credit Union (request account number)
• Zelle Quick Pay or ClearXchange (using email goberncl@cwpanama.net)
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We normally publish on the 1st and the 15th of every month. The $30 annual fee includes two editions monthly, free publicity, a complimentary gift of a car organizer or a set of Panamanian Souvenir Coasters and also our NEW CyberNews Online Calendar 2020.

If you would like to view the current edition (January 15) of the Panama Cyberspace News, feel free to contact goberncl@cwpanama.net

Photo below shows all the editions of the Panama Cyberspace News since its inception on March 1, 2001:
Next year (Dios primero) we look forward to celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

We thank you in advance for supporting our journalism efforts!

We recently (Jan. 21-23) had a delightful and educational fun excursion to the provinces of Cocle and Herrera. In preparing for another excursion, please let us know where in Panama you would like to visit.

Carmela L. Gobern
Editor, Panama Cyberspace News
Tel. (507) 314-0398
Cel. (507) 6675-4507
U.S. (678) 995-7136

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A note from the editor of The Panama News

English-language journalism has a long history in Panama, dating back to before either Carmela Gobern or I were born. And when we were both kids, there was this racially segregated, black-majority and white dominated enclave called the Canal Zone. There were two “mainstream” English-language newspapers, The Star & Herald (related to La Estrella) and The Panama American (related to El Panamá América), but also, very much oriented toward the West Indian community in both the Canal Zone and the Republic of Panama, there was The Panama Tribune.

In addition to the history of race relations that has generally been popular for white Americans on the isthmus and in the Zonian diaspora to deny, there was also the military dictatorship aspect of Canal Zone life. Yes, governors appointed by elected US presidents, generally major generals of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Get into the legal history and you will find out about the Insular Cases Doctrine, wherein the US Constitution and due process of law did not necessarily apply in the Canal Zone.

So that stuff is among the baggage carried by anyone of a certain age with those roots practicing journalism in Panama today. It would be nonsense to pretend that the experiences and knowledge passed on by elders would be the same from those who came from pre-treaty Margarita and from that time in Rainbow City.

The military brats who passed through the complex of bases in the old Canal Zone would have another world view imprinted in their youth. But they MIGHT know that the US Army liked the Afro-Antillean community here and actively recruited its young men, with those who enlisted often becoming US citizens and sponsoring their families’ emigration to the United States. Panama’s ties with the Afro-Panamanian diaspora in the USA run directly and indirectly very much through the US Armed Forces.

These days, among the white American residents there are a lot of people who don’t even know of the large number of English-speaking black people, many of them holding US citizenship, in Rio Abajo. And they don’t know of the Panama Cyberspace News, approaching its 20th birthday. It’s a project of Carmela Gobern, who before starting it in the wake of the bases’ closure used to write for The Tropic Times, which was the US Armed Forces Southern Command’s newspaper.

Know where you are and its history. Know your own roots, and something about your neighbors’ roots. Such knowledge is no guarantee, but it does at least allow you to be a wiser and more decent human being.

And so it’s newsworthy to pass on word about another English-language publication here, for those of you who did not know. 


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