Affidavits: Is Luis Enrique Martinelli going to flip on his dad?

The Martinelli Linares brothers are see here in Guatemalan custody. An affidavit released in the United State says that Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, left, agreed to talk to the FBI. His brother Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares did not. These affidavits and the the other pleadings released in the case refer to activities to launder the proceeds of a bribe for an unspecified “public official” paid by the Brazilian company Odebrecht. It’s generally presumed that said official is former president Ricardo Martinelli. Photo by the Guatemalan National Civil Police.

Cryptic pleadings and affidavits,
but the outlines start to show

Just talking to the FBI doesn’t necessarily mean an agreement or a disposition to cooperate with them. Generally, however, when someone in a position to spend millions of dollars on a criminal defense effort breaks his or her silence when approached by the FBI it’s either a foolish move or an indication of a readiness to strike a deal. Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares did talk to the FBI. The two could get 20 years each if the books gets thrown on the money laundering and conspiracy charges, so there might be a temptation to sing in exchange for leniency. See the two affidavits and the complaint, in PDF format, Below:

Affidavit with respect to Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares

Affidavid with respect to Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares

The complaint in the case, which is likely to be amended

Do keep in mind, presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty, both as to the sons and the father, the latter who may or may not be charged. The Martinelli Linares brothers are fighting extradition from Guatemala to the United States, where if granted they would face trial before a US federal district court in Brooklyn. Guatemalan courts have never denied a US extradition request.


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