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sinking in Lake Travis
Sinking in Lake Travis.

Democrats will suggest a
deeper meaning, of course

It was a good Labor Day laugh for those politically disposed, unsullied by any deaths. Not so funny for those whose boats were damaged or destroyed. Let us consider the claimed eyewitness social media report of a boat owner who kept his vessel on the dock that day in Austin:

Scott H. Sexton:

Before the parade started, Lake Travis was CALM with no waves larger than ½ foot, the maximum wind gusts were less than 10kts.

When the parade started multiple boats cranked up their motors to show off and began creating excessive wakes. Vessels were driving at unsafe speeds in close proximity. This is what created the dangerous conditions that swamped/sunk vessels. Even after vessels started sinking, there was no cooperation with law enforcement and emergency personnel to slow down and/or reduce the wakes. First responders had to deal with rescuing people out of the water from sinking boats WHILE OTHER BOATS passed at close distances at speeds that created more wakes and even more dangerous conditions.

The majority of vessels involved showed ZERO CONCERN for the well being of others, or the damage that they were causing with their wakes. All of this could have been averted had they driven their vessels at slower speeds and at safer distances.

There is this notion that regulations are unAmerican infringements on personal freedom, that it’s everybody for themselves and if the reckless behavior of person A harms the property or health of person B, the latter is just a loser. It would be VERY easy and accurate to pin this on Donald Trump and everything for which he stands. But the idea had been a powerful force in US and world politics, and in an economy globalized on corporate terms, for decades before Trump’s arrival at the Oval Office. It’s a basic presumptions of the anti-maskers.

Let’s hope that such ideas will be among the casualties of the current pandemic. It would also be nice if this photo became an emblem of the final days of a bygone set of ideas.


Unbecoming, not unexpected

Unseemly for a former first lady, but there you have the hysteria of a discredited political caste and the snotty disdain of the daughter of an ad cartel’s late founder.

Doña Vivian celebrates journalist Mauricio Valenzuela getting slugged. There are calls to revive the Norieguista journalist licensing law. There specious lawsuits and criminal charges filed against journalists. Thuggish partisan publicists purport to represent journalism. None of it is new, but it’s especially shrill as old political pecking orders and media business models are collapsing.



If you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure as hall don’t deserve me at my best.

Marllyn Monroe

Bear in mind…

I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter.

Winston Churchill


The wisest men follow their own direction.



Each religion is alone true, that is to say, that at the moment we are thinking of it we must bring as much attention to bear on it as if there were nothing else … A “synthesis” of religion implies a lower quality of attention.

Simone Weil


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