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Tierras Altas
The talks were postponed for a few days due to these terrible Acts of God – to which the negligent people who run the government should have been better prepared to respond, except they follow the most retrograde denial coming from the USA instead of what the world of scientists has been saying for years. The victims will be blamed – they built in dangerous places, with such materials as they could scrounge. But of course that was what they could afford. SINAPROC photo, searching for bodies in Tierras Altas.

Dialogue: for what, for whom?

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

“Modern despotism proposes not so much to violate men as to disarm them, not so much to combat their political passions as to erase them, less to combat their instincts than to circumvent them, not simply to proscribe their ideas but to disrupt them, to appropriate them”

Maurice Joly, Dialogue in the inferno between Machiavelli and Montesquieu

The political cynicism prevailing in our distorted democracy does not run out of inefficient demagoguery or tacky neo-populism.

Wrapping up in the blanket of Covid19 and its pandemic, in order to hide their mediocrity and inefficiency in the management of public affairs, the governing authorities now resort, with the help of the advertising-propagandist mechanisms of their anti-democratic machinery, to the so-called “National Dialogue for the Closing Gaps Bicentennial Pact.”

One is lost in knowing the why? And for whom? The chorizo that contains a pompous name for a monologue, which will serve them to consummate their abduction of historical memory. Thus, deepen the “gaps” – social and economic inequalities that, they, themselves, have been in charge of. It will favor their quotidian corruption and impunity. What they summon will emanate from their offices. They will count upon the active complicity of those who assist them and … those who attend.

With all the local economic indicators falling, increasingly disqualified by the ‘qualifiers’ and with the growth prospects for the Gross Domestic Product very limited, accompanied in addition to a public debt that already almost reaches $36 billion (to which $7.104 billion was added only in this last year), the same ultra-sectarian, indolent folks who govern,place themselves in the position of masters of deception. They distract from and make fun of the serious social situations of the great majority of people in this nation.

The ranks of the so-called informal economy, added to the more than a quarter of a million unemployed, do not deter the chorus of those businessmen who are clamoring for the extended suspension of labor contracts, nor of the banks and finance companies that attack any form of moratorium.

All of the above in a living environment that maintains the climate of fear, restlessness and uncertainty. The cries for help that grow due to individual and social depression do not diminish, they grow. At the same time hopelessness and conflicts blossom in a desert that lacks the necessary assistance from psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts.

Such a “dialogue” is prefabricated. It’s endorsed by those who, in the irrational exercise of their political power, seek to buy time. They’re like buzzards circling around, ready to deceive and rob a defenseless population that does not know how to get indignant.


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