Fundacion Libertad: Debt, austerity and arrogant spending

Like many US Republicans, the folks at the Fundacion Libertad revere the memory of the Russian-American prophet of selfishness, who was in welfare in New York when she died. Graphic by the Fundacion Libertad.

Liberal perspective:

Austerity and coherence in public administration

by the Fundacion Libertad

Only in 2020, Panama has withstood the onslaught of a global pandemic, the consequences of the shutdown of the economy and the collateral effects of two hurricanes. This series of unfortunate events has required a severe restructuring of the state budget and brought with it an unprecedented indebtedness in order to finance the social aid and economic relief plans implemented by the government.

Proof of this is that more than $718 million have been spent to address the pandemic, of which a little more than 50% has been allocated just for food vouchers and $100 million have been approved for the care of the victims of recent hurricanes.

All this redistribution of resources calls for austerity and fiscal responsibility. However, the severity of these circumstances seems to be alien to our legislators, who, far from acting as responsible custodians of the treasury, are celebrating with the resources of the taxpayers of a vile and shameless way.

While we have Panamanians depending on state aid and businessmen large and small are struggling to keep their businesses afloat, from the state superfluous expenses continue in remodeling, glass polishing, unjustified payroll and vehicle rentals that we still do not understand. To put salt on the wound, we have legislators who impudently declare that they will continue to give away “with their money and that of the government,” as if that would make them some sort of a Creole Robin Hood.

From a liberal perspective, we demand greater transparency and prudence in the management of the funds of all Panamanians, as well as responsible debt management and austerity in payroll spending and state operations. We need a responsible and coherent state that watches over the best interests of its people.

If we do not take control today, Panama has an arduous road ahead in efforts for economic recovery and real and sustainable prosperity for the benefit of all.


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