Gush Shalom, A criminal handshake between two oppressors

Democracy Now! update on the long-running colonial conflict, into which Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu just bought. Panama, which exchanges ambassadors with the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, is now diplomatically aligned with the other side of this war than the United States and Israel.

A cynical deal between the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara

by Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc

The agreement between Israel and Morocco announced today by President Trump at the very last moment of his term, is a cynical and despicable deal worthy of all condemnation. It is an alliance between Israeli oppression on the West Bank and Moroccan oppression in the Western Sahara, a criminal handshake between two oppressors.

Already for many years, the Moroccan government has been imitating the Israeli occupation policies, oppressing the inhabitants of Western Sahara and flooding their country with settlers. The State of Israel is now becoming an official and public partner to the oppression of the inhabitants of Western Sahara, people who have never harmed Israel or threatened it in any way.

This agreement has nothing to do with peace. We are an Israeli peace movement striving for peace based on ending Israeli occupation and oppression and giving Palestinians the opportunity to establish their independent state alongside the State of Israel. We are opposed to all occupation and oppression, anywhere on Earth. As an Israeli peace movement, we strongly oppose this “peace” with Morocco.

It is very that the “matchmaker” announcing this dark deal is Donald Trump, a President who refuses to recognize the democratic decision of the citizens of the United States and who on this very day is trying in effect to carry out a coup and asks the US Supreme Court to help him retain power against the voters’ decision at the polls.

We call on the Knesset Members to reject with disgust the abominable agreement with Morocco and to vote against it when it comes to a vote in the Knesset plenum.

Photo from The Saharawi Voice.

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