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The Panama News blog links

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Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

Seatrade, Panama Ship Registry joins Maritime Anti-Corruption Network

Foreign Policy, China’s monster fishing fleet

Business Insider, Pfizer’s vaccine flown to distribution hubs via United Airlines

Economy / Economía

Publimetro, El PIB de Panamá se contrajo un 38% en el segundo trimestre

E&N, Paises de la region aprueban Agenda Digital

The Guardian, OECD: Don’t cut UK government spending to boost COVID rebound

DeLong, The siren song of austerity

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

Smithsonian: Megalodons, monster prehistoric sharks, raised their young in nurseries

Mongabay, ¿Estamos preparados para huracanes cada vez más fuertes y frecuentes?

Yallop, New data privacy rules are coming in NZ

The Guardian, ‘Is anybody in there?’ Life on the inside as a locked-in patient

BBC, Your data and how it is used to gain your vote

AgriNews: In a warming climate, can birds take the heat?

Bishop Uriah Ashley, a son of Bocas del Toro, died on November 25 at the age of 76.

News / Noticias

AFP, Panamá advierte por récord de covid-19 mientras busca reactivar su economía

CoinTelegraph, United States extradites alleged Ponzi operator from Panama

El Siglo, Maleantes de saco y corbata estafan a extranjeros

FOCO, Yanibel Ábrego aspira a la presidencia de la República por el CD

El Siglo: Vivian de Torrijos defendiendo las personas con discapacidad ante la ONU

Vila Benites & Bebbington, Peru’s greatest trial since the Fujimori dictatorship

El País, Los jóvenes de América Latina alzan la voz

The Guardian, OANN suspended from YouTube for COVID-19 cure scam

CBC, UK minister: unvaccinated could lose access to a normal life

The runoff for two US Senate seats in Georgia gets downright weird. Trump’s accusation, Unofficial Democrats repeating it on a billboard.

Opinion / Opiniones

Fischer, China won 2020

Baker, Another slow recovery from economic disaster

FiveThirtyEight, Why did down-ballot Democrats have such a mediocre showing?

Herrera, What President-Elect Joe Biden got wrong about Latinos

Conte, ‘Creo que ya nada nos despertará’

Turner: Panamá y Palestina, hermanadas por su amor a su bandera

Sagel, Pacto del Bicentenario

Culture / Cultura

EFE, “No nos podemos rendir”: Sech pide a sus seguidores luchar por los sueños

Blades, “Pelusa”

AFP, Battle over borscht: new front in Russia-Ukraine conflict

December 8, the Day of the Immaculate Conception, is Panamanian Mothers Day.
It is a major holiday here. Painting by Bartolomé Esteban Perez Murillo.

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