Bernal, Renew and reinforce hope


From chaos to hope

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

In more than six thousand Panamanian homes the departure of one or more loved ones is mourned. The families pick up the pieces of their pain in the face of public frustration and disappointment. The chaos and annoyance continues to increase.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been more than taken advantage of by the corrupt and the financial operators, who have sought, from their positions of political and economic power, to convince us that we are all corrupt. The vice president’s report on the use of money during the pandemic is proof of such impudent cynicism.

This is how they manage to continue doing things as they have done up to now. They bend us to give the impression that we can do nothing, that nothing will happen. They word to spread those notions among us. These promoters of chaos are also the executioners of hope. The January 28 ruling of the courtiers on the legality of the curfew confirms it

The pandemic is the generator of neither the existing chaos nor the disastrous state of our society in all areas. It spreads, above all, in the absence of a more active and determined repudiation of the multiple abuses of power and grabs for more power, by a criminal element whose government plan has been and is the looting of the state to satisfy their own private interests.

It becomes every day more urgent, then, for conscientious citizens to renew and reinforce hope. Let’s begin, once and for all, to act without hesitation and to demand a constitutional convention that lays the foundations for a real renewal of our society.

We cannot continue with our arms crossed, nor continue as spectators. Let’s reposition and revalue our actions – and our ardent hope and citizen dignity. If we do that we will be able to achieve many of the things that need to be modified, improved, controlled or truly changed.

If we do not firmly and decisively renew our will for citizen political action and thus do not achieve profound changes, corruption will gain even more ground. It would give rise to what some call “re-corruption processes.”


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