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Last year, Democrats Abroad’s global convention voted for a resolution opposing the DNC / Biden campaign platform plank that promised to fight money laundering and the offshoring of multinational corporate profits. I voted against that resolution. I agree with Joe Biden on this point.

Getting deeper: Carmelan Polce, the wife of a PriceWaterhouseCoopers exec (last I knew CEO of their Australia subsidiary), is about the only person who ever shows up in Congress plugging anything in the name of Democrats Abroad. It’s ALWAYS about something that works to the advantage for the very richest of Americans living abroad, but which does not apply to the vast majority of us.

Yet here in Panama, we have to go to Costa Rica for consular services. We are a rather elderly country chapter of Democrats Abroad, many of us living on relatively low fixed incomes. Those of us who work for a living generally don’t make corporate CEO pay and generally find it a pain to find the time and resources to fly off to another country to do business which we used to be able to do here.

But OUR economic concerns, and the general beliefs of a global party organization that voted overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders in both the 2016 and 2020 global presidential primaries, are always shunted aside.

The buzz words upstairs in DA have been about “messaging” to “markets.” I say that we are not selling potato chips, that we should be representing constituencies.

See below, to see the “messaging” that is supposed to inspire us:

~ ~

Dems Abroad Responds to Senate Proposal to Overhaul International Taxation

Carmelan Polce (Democrats Abroad)
To: Eric Jackson
Cc: Leadership

Dear Leaders,

Please click here to download the above captioned submission to the Senate Finance Committee.

In the aftermath of the March Senate Finance Committee hearing on international taxation, Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee published a framework for overhauling international taxation that is being used by the Senate and House to develop legislation to enact the Biden American Jobs Plan to re-build America’s infrastructure. An increase in the GILTI Tax, which has so seriously harmed American business owners abroad, is expected to be part of the plan to raise revenue for the infrastructure spending from large U.S. multinational corporations not paying their fair share.

Democrats Abroad and the other organisations representing Americans abroad are moving quickly to prevent the increase in the GILTI Tax DEEPENING the pain and the harm that the taxes are causing American business owners abroad. We have filed our submission to the Senate Finance Committee, with copies to leaders in both houses and in both parties, and will follow up with discussions about our reform recommendation: a GILTI tax exemption for Americans abroad who make less than $400,000.


As you will know, the Biden Build Back Better program also includes the American Families Plan, a proposal for new investment in social infrastructure. Just as the American Jobs Plan legislation has provided us an opportunity to progress our reforms to right the wrongs in the GOP 2017 tax law, the American Families Plan we believe provides us with a great opportunity to progress some of our other tax reforms. All these proposed reforms would provide filing relief for Americans abroad and they are the subject of this resolution coming before the DPCA voting members at the May 2021 DA Annual Global Meeting. Please contact me with questions or comments or to become a sponsor or supporter.

There is also a resolution in support of building a DA messaging platform for Congressional outreach by issues activists and a resolution in support of Democrats Abroad joining the RBT Coalition being formed by American Citizens Abroad. Please contact me with questions or comments or to become a sponsor or supporter.

Ms Carmelan Polce
Chair, Taxation Task Force
DA Australia DPCA Voting Member
Democrats Abroad


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