A mid-day stroll through El Nispero

Explaining the concept of being slashed to the bone and then it gets infected generally doesn’t register with a third grader who’s being raised in the States. And the little sloth is so very cute. So the folks at El Nispero made the cage out of a finer mesh, so that the slow-moving creature won’t show folks how quickly he can slash at a perceived threat with those claws.

Eight takes from an early afternoon at El Nispero

photos by Robert Jackson

El Valle has a combination zoo and nursery, a great little attraction for kids and adults with the usual pluses and minuses of zoos. Are the minuses enhanced when someone who has lived in captivity sees them?

The editor had a good enough time — getting licked by a doe and sniffed by a vixen, and getting off on an old hippie’s flower power rush — but did not find any breeding pairs of guinea fowl, which would have been his Holy Grail. Two old men, a next generation just starting to get touches of gray, and this third grader with roots in Panama and Costa Rica but whose world is the Atlanta area dashing from place to place with starry-eyed wonder. It might have been even more of an eye-opener for him, had it been a different hour instead of many of the animals’ siesta time.

El Nispero is something you want to do if visiting El Valle for the first time, or if you live nearby and are shopping for cool plants to landscape your property, or to help you live off the land with agroforestry or animal husbandry.


Any behavioral resemblance to the plant that Levi Stubbs played is fanciful — isn’t it?


If you’re Chinese and want to flaunt your heritage by way of the barnyard fowl you raise, El Nispero just might be the place to go for ideas.


Wow, man! The COLORS!


Russian intelligence has investigated. These are terrestrial ñequis, not arboreal squirrels. One big hint was that they found no moose on the premises.


A complex flower that surely puts out many seeds to propagate ground cover.


Many are the hibiscus varieties, but this one is especially pretty.


All donkeys are Democrats, and any true Democrat wants to take the opportunity to pet the donkey. However, since we are dealing with DEMOCRATS, everyone has to look out for backbiting.

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