Editorial, Changes in food assistance

Panamanian government propaganda photo.

24 hours at $5 an hour for $120 monthly food assistance?

On the face of it, for a country in crisis, a reasonable but inadequate proposition.

YES, put people to work in hard times when we really can’t afford to pay decent wages. But none of this humiliation to drive people away, which is frequently what these “work for public assistance” programs. Work that’s productive — we need a lot of things — passable roads, nationwide cell phone and Internet connectivity, care for many sorts of folks so that others can work, the building of things that will improve our value as a tourist destination when that day comes, and so on — not a lot of people standing around to comply with some moral obligation.

It’s not enough. We have wasted so much money on corruption, and on politically connected but unproductive people taking home fat salaries, and now the debt collectors are knocking on our doors.

But paying people to go back to work, so as to develop Panama? Basically a sound concept.


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