Bernal, The sprinters

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The sprinters and us

by Miguel Antonio Bernal V.

The rejection on the part of the political parties’ system, old and new, of the need for a process towards a Constituent Assembly, added to the stark opportunism of the cosmetician defenders of a parallel process, now adhere to the “inventories of things to do,” but, yes, within the same anti-democratic and anti-institutional system contained in the imposed militaristic constitution. It’s the answer of those who want to make a cake without breaking eggs.

In the last five years, citizens have appeared and reappeared who, by participating in one form or another, or via a party organization in politics, attempting to develop a sprinter’s behavior. They forget that politics (particularly in our environment), is above all, when it comes to active, transparent and dedicated participation, a long-distance race.

Thus we find numerous young people – and not-so-young people – who, in their desperation to “move up” have abandoned principles, values, ideals and objectives. They’d be delighted to get on the government bandwagon. There, the sirens of corruption, bribery, graspíng and staged appearances sing their songs. They engulf and capture people with their anti-democratic, anti-patriotic tentacles and turn them into docile instruments of servility and lowliness. Some may get to be godfathers of irresponsibility and incompetence.

It therefore becomes necessary to note the differences that exist, in the political field, between the sprinter and the long-distance runner.

The long-distance runner lives with the risk, almost permanent, of being alone. The sprinter always runs accompanied.

The long-distance runner needs to be tenacious, stubborn, insistent, accompanied by other participants for a while, as long as she or he manages to impose his or her rhythm on the race, but only finally when the goals are more distant. For the sprinter, an effort is enough and that’s it. He runs as he looks contemptuously at those who intend to dispute immediate glory.

The long-distance runner knows the behavior of those who leave, of the spectators sitting at the edge of the road, as well as of the runners seen to go by, fast and contemptuous. The sprinter, caught up in the competition, dazzled and upset by the speed and noise, does not think, while the long-distance runner necessarily has to.

Thinking for sprinters is always an inconvenience. “There is nothing more conducive to the tranquility of the soul than having absolutely no opinions,” so that attitude goes. Enthusiasm is enough for them.


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