Gush Shalom, A bad week for Israel

Palestine solidarity at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, from the Wikimedia archives.

A difficult week — and the following week seems even worse

by Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc

Hacking into
Mobile phones
And extracting
Personal information
From them
Started with
The Palestinians
And has reached
Deep into
Israeli society.


Israeli soldiers
Raided Nablus
And extra-judicially executed
Three Palestinians.


The Knesset approved
A law that
Prevents Arab citizens
Of Israel from marrying
Whomever they wish
And living in this country
With their chosen spouse.


Two Palestinian workers
Plunged to their death
From unsafe scaffolding
On a high rise
Being built by
A greedy contractor
On the rubble of a slum
Whose residents were
Forcibly evicted.


And in the same week:
The leadership of
British Jewry,
Which hitherto granted
Unconditional support
To all of Israel’s actions,
Informed a former minister
In the Israeli government
That racists of his ilk
Were personae non gratae.


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