Franken, What’s become of my opponent and his party

The admiral
The admiral works an Iowa picnic, on the way to being a senator. From Mike Franken’s Twitter feed.

Partisan nonsense that hinders American industry

by Admiral Mike Franken

My statement on the United States Innovation and Competitive Act: There was a time when a hugely bipartisan, year-long effort to craft a bill that supercharges US industry to compete with China would gain rapid approval. Well, not today.

There was a time, maybe some decades ago, when senators like Chuck Grassley, would tell Mitch McConnell to ‘go fish’ when he intended to undermine America. Well, that’s gone as well.

We will lose more manufacturing jobs in America if we permit partisan nonsense to continue in the Senate. This bill is a ‘must pass,’ and Iowa really needs it. Iowa cannot afford to lose more livelihoods while the Senate Republicans, and an obedient Chuck Grassley, play these legislative games. Grassley is not the leader Iowa needs. He appears frightened to stand up to Senator Mitch McConnell — who is threatening to kill a bill to help us compete with communist China — because this legislation also targets his Big Pharma friends by lowering prescription drug costs. We can do better than this political posturing. It’s time for Iowa to elect a senator who will work for them and do what is in their best interests and not the special interests.

The USA behind on semiconductor manufacturing and development? It’s a very real issue with all manner of implications. Graphic by Marco Verch.

Franken, a retired three-star US Navy admiral, is the Democratic nominee for US Senate in Iowa.

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