Bernal, A time to be neither cowardly nor naïve

We must not allow fear and manipulation to destroy our dignity. The dictatorship’s goons were unable to do this to Professor Bernal. Still from a video by the dictatorship-era media.

Fear and manipulation

by Miguel Antonio Bernal V.

Today, fear and manipulation sow in many sectors of our population a dangerous despair that we must relentlessly fight. The events our country experienced this past July made many lose their fear of the prevailing authoritarianismñ For others, government manipulations at the table of dizziness, and media manipulations, made them lose their sense of discernment about the harsh social reality.

Continuing to allow the ruling joint criminal enterprise to devalue us, with the connivance of the major media and the political parties, won’t get us to a good outcome. Even less so if we allow ourselves to believe that social problems can be resolved through individual and non-community means. We need to choose collective options, through a constituent process with full citizen participation.

The crisis we are experiencing is a real crisis because it is, above all, a constitutional crisis that does not admit such lies as an answer. Events have shown us that the system imposed by the militaristic constitution of 1972 is seriously ill. Before it’s too late, it would be better to prevent the prevailing authoritarianism from taking us to the shores of a disastrous totalitarianism.

Faced with the fear that some seek to instill in order to maintain their privileges and benefits and to continue to citizens from their necessary and urgent exercise of power, it is mandatory to react. We must also emphasize our education, our efforts at public instruction, in order to repel the media manipulation that is practiced every day.

We cannot continue to see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing. It’s time to respond as human beings, to defend our rights and to fulfill our civic duty. It’s time to protect our dignity in the face of fear and manipulation.


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