What Raisa Banfield said: Ripping a lung out of the Metro Area / Lo que dijo Raisa Banfield: arrancarle un pulmón al área metropolitana

The satellite view of the area where they would build. / La vista satelital del área donde se construiría.

What Raisa Banfield said

This statement was swiped from her Twitter feed. Raisa Banfield, the architect, environmental activist and former vice mayor of Panama City, said on Twitter:

I observe the statements made by the Chief Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice today on TVN. I see with great concern the announcement of “a judicial city on donated land, behind the Panama Technological University.” Those are forests between the Curundú River, Camino de Cruces Park and Metropolitan Nature Park.

We continue to promote the devastation of vital natural resources for sustainability, while dozens of reverted buildings continue to deteriorate, unused, which could fulfill the functions intended by such new construction. Let’s change the “chip.”

What used to be residential quarters at the old Fort Amador, public property held and allowed to deteriorate mostly for the convenience of private real estate interests. Posted anonymously on Twitter a few years ago. / Lo que solían ser barrios residenciales en el antiguo Fuerte Amador, propiedad pública que se mantuvo y permitió que se deteriorara principalmente por la conveniencia de los intereses inmobiliarios privados. Publicado de forma anónima en Twitter hace unos años.


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