Movimiento de Bases para el Rescate Nacional: González for president

Former legislator and former PRD secretary general Pedro Miguel González announces his presidential candidacy. Photo from the Movimiento de Bases para el Rescate Nacional Twitter feed.

Declaration to the country

by the Movimiento de Bases para el Rescate Nacional (Grassroots Movement for National Rescue)

The Movimiento de Bases para el Rescate Nacional, gathered this Sunday morning, February 26, in Panama City, conscious that victory will only be possible when what Omar Torrijos Herrera proposed is fulfilled; to give the greatest possible collective use to what has been achieved with our total sovereignty, eliminating the existing social inequality, and the building of a “welfare state” becomes the religion of all Panamanians.

Therefore we must, as Omar taught us, resume contact with the people and the organized sectors of the country, mobilize our farmers, workers, indigenous people, nationalist entrepreneurs, committed professionals, youth and women to achieve our victory that begins today with the proclamation of the candidacy for president of Panama, in the primaries to be held by the Democratic Revolutionary Party on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

Our movement proposes to take action on the issue of Social Security, pausing to take control of our wealth that is today in the hands of multinational companies, so that the state has the capacity to face the enormous deficit of its pension program.

We categorically reject the proposal of the current leadership of the party that curtails internal democracy by trying to reserve popularly elected positions throughout the nation, thereby restricting the aspirations of the party’s membership and violating the provisions of the party statute and electoral laws, as well as the constitutional right to elect and be elected.

We propose an electoral alliance with the organized sectors of Panamanian society, including those that do not belong to other political parties, to try to add the proposals of the organized people.

The movement also reiterates its rejection of political patronage system which has become enthroned in political organizations, including the PRD, thus generating a lack of critical and proactive attitude towards government policies.

By virtue of what has been stated, we consider it necessary to propose a leader committed to the principles and project of Torrijismo, with the ability to lead a country in an inclusive and transparent manner, which allows us to build a management model that transforms us into the Panama that they dreamed in that generation, which, seeing with long lights, believed in a prosperous, equitable and just country for all.

For what has been stated here, we have decided to propose Pedro Miguel González, an institutional leader, a Torrijista and one who is committed to the best interests of the country, as a standard-bearer and pre-candidate for the PRD presidential primaries.

With this designation, our movement not only proposes a leader to champion our party to win the election, but in addition to winning, to implement the project for which our party was founded. Thus to guarantee this and future generations the Panama that we all want and that we need to rescue.

Panama, Panama City. Sunday February 26, 2023.


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