Bryce and Bendib, Clarence Thomas’s ethics

Few government jobs anywhere in the world are quite like that of US Supreme Court justices: nine unelected people who dictate wide swaths of national policy. Cartoon by Khalil Bendib — OtherWords.

Clarence Thomas needs to be impeached

by Randy Bryce — union ironworker and active Democrat

Clarence Thomas needs to be impeached. Full stop.

The Supreme Court justice has spent over two decades enjoying lavish trips and gifts from Dallas billionaire, Harlan Crow—and Clarence Thomas broke the law by not disclosing these gifts.

This news comes after decades of shady ethics on Thomas’s end. From ruling to give the presidency to George W. Bush in Bush v. Gore, despite his wife’s involvement on Bush’s transition team, to refusing to recuse himself from cases directly related to the insurrection, despite his wife’s support of January 6th—Clarence Thomas is a walking ethics violation.

Clarence Thomas’s billionaire backer just so happens to sit on the board of the American Enterprise Institute, which lobbies Congress against tax hikes on billionaires.

Let’s do that math: millions of dollars’ worth of gifts and trips, plus a secret relationship with a corporate billionaire equals a Supreme Court justice that could be actively working against the interest of the people in order to please his ultra-rich buddy.

Not to mention, Crow collects Nazi memorabilia, which is wrong on so many different levels. The bottom line is that shady dealings like this have no place in our democracy, and Clarence Thomas needs to be held accountable.


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