Burrows, A young Democrat’s response

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A Democrat’s response

by John Burrows

No, Rep. Greene.

We absolutely positively do not support you — or your BS articles against President Biden.

You talk about the president lawyering up. What a joke. After January 6, you begged for a pardon from Donald Trump.

You reek of desperation as Jack Smith closes in Donald Trump, and hopefully you as well.

This is why we reject your trumped up and false attacks — that have absolutely no chance of passing in the Senate:

You have presented zero, evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden.


Even the Republican Oversight Committee has come out repeatedly to admit you have found no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden.

You and the rest of your extreme GOP clown show continue will manufacture conspiracies so that you can undermine the entire US government and deflect the crimes you actually committed.

I am running for Congress in the Valley. Every single day I talk to honest, hard working people on both sides of aisle who are tired of your antics. You know what they tell me they care about?

-Health care.


-A strong economy.

-Respect for our Democracy.

You have done nothing for your district and you have done nothing America.

You are painfully useless. If you really cared about cutting government waste, you should resign to save us taxpayer money.

Delete your account and go away.

Editor’s note: Mr. Burrows is a Democrat running to unseat Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy in the Fresno area 20th congressional distrrict of Califonia.


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