Bush, This court is a cesspool of corruption that devastates our communities

US Representative Cori Bush, RN, a Democrat from Missouri. Photo from her congressional web page.

This awful Supreme Court

by US Representative Cori Bush

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on affirmative action is an affirmation of white supremacy, not justice or equality.

In her dissent, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson put it perfectly:

With let-them-eat-cake obliviousness, today, the majority pulls the ripcord and announces ‘colorblindness for all’ by legal fiat. But deeming race irrelevant in law does not make it so in life.

Make no mistake about it. This Court’s decision will disproportionately harm our communities. Universities historically denied Black, brown, and Indigenous people from accessing an education. Affirmative action helped level the racist and uneven playing field. Its protections were designed to increase equity and inclusion. Now, with those protections abolished, systemic racism will again be magnified.

The Supreme Court is a cesspool of corruption, devastating our communities. Because of the decisions made by an unethical and illegitimate SCOTUS majority, Americans are unable to access abortion care, have weaker labor protections, are more vulnerable to voter suppression, and are subjected to a racist legal system.

We have a mandate to ensure our rights are not stripped away by bought-and-paid-for judges trying to implement a fascist agenda. I’m proud to lead on the Judiciary Act, which would expand the Supreme Court and help us reclaim our democracy once and for all. Will you join me in pushing back and building support for the Judiciary Act by adding your voice now?


Affirmative action seeks to level a racist and uneven playing field. Ending it is devastating to communities. In its dedication to moving backwards, the Supreme Court has once again rolled back protections for people in marginalized communities across this country.

Rulings like this are another example of why the American people’s confidence in the nation’s highest court has fallen to a record low. With equally horrific decisions expected tomorrow on student debt and LGBTQ+ rights, we shouldn’t have to hold our collective breath for the Supreme Court to make decisions about our rights when the correct rulings are clear.

Congressional Republicans have employed their far-right judicial playbook by disregarding norms and precedent in the confirmation process to steal the Court. It’s up to us to take back the Court for the American people. Congress can determine the size of the Supreme Court; it has already added and removed seats on the Court seven times throughout its history.

Congress must take action now to expand the Court once again, but to make it happen, I need your help to build support. Please sign the petition in support of the Judiciary Act.

The stolen, far-right Supreme Court majority has ruled to destroy 50 years of settled precedent by overturning Roe, and just today, ruled against Affirmative Action amid scandal after scandal as the media has exposed billionaire-funded influence peddling, extravagant gifts, and multi-million-dollar jobs and contracts for family and friends.

We must bring balance to the highest court — and that requires action.

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The Supreme Court has once again prioritized profits over people and corporations over constituencies in the decision today to overturn the Biden administration’s student loan cancellation program and to allow businesses to discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s no coincidence that the right-wing Supreme Court and the GOP are standing in the way of canceling student debt and protecting LGBTQ+ rights.

They know student debt cancellation is a racial and economic justice issue. Black women carry more debt than any other group in America — and carry it the longest. Black borrowers have nearly twice as much student debt ($52,700) after four years of college as our white peers ($28,000).

This racist, bigoted right-wing majority also doesn’t care about our LGBTQ+ siblings. The decision to side with an evangelical Christian graphic artist from Colorado who does not want to create wedding websites for same-sex couples, despite the state’s protective anti-discrimination law, is just another excuse to punish our communities and enforce a white supremist religious patriarchy on everyone.

Neither partisan nor corporate interests should prevent borrowers from receiving the life-changing relief they need and deserve, nor should the Court enshrine racism, bigotry and hate into law — again — by overturning legal protection for college admissions or the LGBTQ+ community.

We must expand the Supreme Court now.


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