What Western Hemisphere leaders are saying, part 2

“The solution does not depend on how much money a state has, but on how much political will its rulers have.” Guillermo Lasso, speaking to the United Nations General Assembly. UN photo.

What leaders in the Americas said at the United Nations General Assembly – Part 2

Ecuador – Guillermo Lasso Mendoza

Suriname – Chandrikpersad Santokhi

Guyana – Mohamed Irfaan Ali

Honduras – Iris Xiomara Castro Sarmiento

Dominican Republic – Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona

Chile – Gabriel Boric Font

Editor’s note: The links above are to the English side of the UN website, the videos of which are in English. You can go to the Spanish side and listen to the videos in Spanish.
Nota de la redacción: Los enlaces anteriores llevan al lado inglés del sitio web de la ONU, cuyos videos están en inglés. Puedes ir al lado español y escuchar los videos en español.


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