As we go to the polls, let’s ask about dollars, cents and our values

So does this put Anton on the map? Will people stop and shop, dine at our restaurants, and attend local fairs and festivals now that drivers on the Pan-American Highway can see this?

At THIS price…

photos, captions and comments by Eric Jackson

We’ve been through an historic epidemic, worldwide inflation, a crime wave across Panama and the economy has still not picked up for a great many Panamanians. So do citizens go the the polls, and their resident foreigner neighbors watch what they do, thinking about bread and butter? Or beautification? Or what things cost? Or whether we end up in July with a stormtrooper thug government that’s to be squeezed by US sanctions, Just ‘Cuz? Or do we dodge that bullet, but still have to figure out what do do about this record debt?

Those who have been in power will ask for a bit of understanding. Those who have been out of power will thunder condemnation and scorn. The voters, for good reasons or bad, will have to decide, and without all of the information that would be nice to have. But still, we can look around.

EVERYTHING has a price tag.


Like teenage taggers using spray paint, the politicians might have affixed their names or nicknames, or declared that THEIR gang rules. They spared us that bad taste.


To THIS weird old hippie’s bureaucratic urban policy eyes, a first reaction of “That’s nice” gets quickly followed by questions about ease and cost of maintenance.

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