Mossack Fonseca blog links


Mossack Fonseca blog links

And nobody says anything about the multiple breaches of the Lawyers’ Code of Ethics perpetrated by M&F.
law professor Miguel Antonio Bernal


ICIJ, The Panama Papers

AP, Panama firm usurped name of Red Cross to hide money

de la Serna, Macri y los Panama Papers

Blades, “Mossack-Fonseca Papers”

EFE, Parlamento ecuatoriano llamará a funcionarios por caso Mossack Fonseca

Sader, Tax havens: the brothels of capitalism

Corrado, ¿Qué hay detrás de Panamá Papers y las offshore?

Yao, Los Papeles Mossack-Fonseca y más allá

Beluche, Los papeles de Panamá y el capitalismo putrefacto

Cassidy, Panama Papers: why aren’t there more American names?

USA Today, Mossack Fonseca linked to more than 1,000 US companies

Ha’aretz, Hundreds of Israeli companies used Mossack Fonseca

El Confidencial, La infanta Pilar mantuvo una SA opaca en Panamá

Winship, Panama Papers offer more evidence that free trade isn’t really free

Blades, Sobre “The Panama Papers”

The Raw Story, CIA and other spies used Mossack Fonseca

Daily Mail, UBS whistleblower thinks CIA is behind Panama Papers leak

Reuters, Societe Generale headquarters searched

Radio New Zealand, Mossack Fonseca had NZ investment application

CNBC, Did “smart” people avoid the Panama Papers?

Reuters, Colombia y Panamá hablan sobre el intercambio de datos financieros”

Silber, Panama Papers lob “atomic bomb” on Brazil’s political class

Wilson, Why you can’t Google “Panama Papers” in China

La Estrella, Cinco países piden ayuda judicial a Panamá


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