The Panama News blog links, April 14, 2016


The Panama News blog links, April 14, 2016

Seatrade Maritime News, Second PanCanal draft restriction

Video, Transit in the new PanCanal locks

Hellenic Shipping News, Iran can now use Panama’s canal and ship registry

The Guardian, Nicaragua rejects bill to block the canal project

International Cry, Ngabe communities facing eviction

Reuters, Inside a Panamanian prison: a flawed legal system

The Intercept, Lawsuit over system that put a baby on the US no-fly list

BBC, Why Rousseff faces impeachment calls

Página 12, Cristina se presenta en el juzgado

AFP, Cristina: puede encarcelarme pero no voy a callar

Washington Post, Trump threatened to sue AP over Panama condo story

Forbes, Brazil charges world’s richest banker with bribery

Tico Times, Cuban migrants storm Costa Rica-Panama border demanding to pass

EFE, Costa Rica devolverá a Panamá a cubanos ilegales

Miami Herald, Costa Rica closes its doors to Cubans

Xinhua, Panamá pedirá a vecinos no impedir la migración cubana

Prensa Latina, Tico minister says US laws behind Cuban migration

Tico Times, Costa Rica seeks regional accord on illegal migrants

Sentinel-Tribune, US wind industry record

La Estrella, Potabilizadora de Penonomé está fuera de servicio, Sag Harbor surfers to distrubute water filters in Bocas

Mongabay, Climate change is drying up small islands

Playa Community, Yellow bellied sea snakes coming onto Pedasi beaches

Christian Science Monitor, Red crabs swarm off Panama

STRI, What were Caribbean coral reefs like before humans?

Science Friday, The search for Peru’s “Boiling River”

Ancel, The lethal arms of the US drug war in Honduras

Zibechi, Building new worlds in Brazil’s favelas

Boff, What kind of Brazil do we want?

María & Romero, Chavismo from below

Bolton, Venezuela’s power outages and western press bias

Sánchez, Colombian civil society is the best bet for peace

Levy, Taking sides in the war within Islam

Stiglitz, What’s wrong with negative rates?

Varoufakis, Interview with The Economist

Springsteen, About North Carolina

US State Department, Annual human rights report on countries other than the USA

Variety, Latin American film distribution issues discussed at Panama film festival

Hollywood Reporter, Salsipuedes review

Variety, Guido Bilbao’s “El Bosque de las Paradoxas”

Variety, Panama International Film Festival kicks off with “Viva”

IFF Panama, People’s Choice Awards 2016 (Spanish & English)


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