The Panama News blog links, July 20, 2016


The Panama News blog links

Splash 24/7, Expanded Panama Canal retakes market share

Miami Herald, Arbitration on canal dispute to begin in Miami

Ship & Bunker: Low box rates, new alliances temper carrier shift to US East Coast

La Estrella, Deuda pública crece $4,022 millones en dos años

ASEP, Tarifas eléctricas mantienen el mismo pero algunos subsidios se reducirán

TeleSur English, Panama’s teachers strike over wages and school funding

TVN, Guía para entender la huelga de docentes

La Estrella, Ocupación hotelera por debajo de 50%

Tire Business, China’s Maxam Tire opens regional branch in Panama

Eyes on Trade, Uruguay won but corporations gained against small countries

The Scotsman, Panama ‘tax-dodge’ papers still to be released to UK crime agency

The Japan Times, Panama Papers link Japan’s shady online brokers to tax havens

Caribbean News Now!, Major international bank fraud case in the Cayman Islands

Bloomberg, OECD delays statistics due to Brexit

Wise, Seed sovereignty and climate adaptation in Malawi

Video, Panama Canal watershed management

Mongabay, Experts say sustainable logging is impossible in rainforests, After the age of dinosaurs came the age of ant farmers

Science News, As many as 24 new species of assassin bugs

D&N, Encuesta de opinión pública panameña en Julio de 2016

Video, ¿Qué saben los que marchan en contra de la educación sexual?

La Estrella, Fallece excontralora Gioconda Torres de Bianchini

WOLA, El Salvador’s amnesty law overturned

Mongabay, Heavy toll for green and indigenous activists in Colombia

BBC, WhatsApp temporarily suspended in Brazil

Greenwald & Dau, Brazil’s largest newspaper commits fraud to boost Temer

The New York Times, World Court rejects China’s South China Sea claims

The Intercept, US military sees enemies everywhere in Africa

Khrushcheva, The strongman’s power trap

Salgado, El rol esclavizador de los medios Centroaméricanos

El-Erian, Unburdening the Facebook Generation

Coppins, Confessions of a dishonest slob

Vitale, Giuliani’s convention speech got everything wrong about policing

Baker, Is Trump serious about trade — or anything?

AEVE, Una constituyente educativa

Blades, No es solo el clima lo que está cambiando

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