Bernal, The ravings of the bajocre



The ravings of the bajocre

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

It was far from the minds of the Thought Engineers that the mediocrity of the human condition that was analyzed in “The Mediocre Man” would be emulated by those less than mediocre — shall we coin a term and call the condition of the latter “bajocrity?”

It should thus serve, in the face of the daily delirium in which the power brokers live, to update certain insights in order to better understand the bajocrity that has taken center stage in our country’s political, social and economic development — for the purpose of gagging dignity.

  • These exponents of bajocrity have chosen, at any cost, to finish the job of disrupting the social balance, in their favor.
  • Those who go along with the bajocre program — ministers, deputies, magistrates, etc. — foster a growing delirium, weaken ideals, reject any zeal for perfection and strip dignity away from their spaces.
  • Emulating the mediocre, the bajocre ignore the proper balances, never make judgments on themselves, ignore criticism and remain in their comfortable refuges.
  • The bajocre shun debate with those who think differently, lead lives of insecurity and excuses, and always support themselves by disqualifying others.


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