The Panama News blog links, March 20, 2017


The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

Puertos y Logística, ACP descartó planes para la privatización de remolcadores

Marine Link, Meyer’s group orders tugs for new Panama Canal locks

Wired, PanCanal’s new software

Hellenic Shipping News, PanCanal’s new mooring line requirements

Mexico News Daily, Highway will boost competition with Panama Canal

Sports / Deportes

Antigua Oberver, Panama to face Trinidad-Tobago in key showdown

Economy / Economía

Reuters, Fitch says reputational risk is a key problem for Panama’s banks

Barsallo, The battleground of Panamanian corporate behavior

La Estrella, Ahorristas exigen informe de auditoria

IMF, Staff mission statement on Panama’s economy

Prensa Latina, Cuban rum and cigars at Panama’s Expocomer

TVN, Cámara de Turismo dice que Panamá está perdiendo en las redes sociales

Reuters, Mexico cancels sugar export permits for lack of US trade negotiator

EFE, Correa asegura que Odebrecht pide “imposibles” para acuerdo con Ecuador

The Hill: China approves Trump hotel, massage parlor and escort service trademarks

NBC, NY lawmaker and activist team up against human trafficking in hotels

Eyes on Trade, Unhappy fifth anniversary of US-Korea Free Trade Agreement

Reuters: EU consumer authorities to take on Facebook, Google, Twitter

DW, G20 finance ministers drop free trade pledge under US pressure

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

Epigenetics Literacy Project, How our view of cancer’s origin has evolved

Mongabay, World’s first fluorescent frog discovered

Wired, The perfect banana is soon to be gone

Ring of Fire, Monsanto forged academic research

KCCI, Cheerios wildflower inititiative to boost global bee population

News / Noticias

TVN, Comisión de diputados que no investigará a sus pares

Telemetro, Corte Suprema anula el decreto de donaciones de la Asamblea

La Prensa, Un código secreto para los diputados

Telemetro, Varela busca regular organizaciones sin fines de lucro

Metro Libre, Residentes de Punta Pacífica piden suspensión de obra

The Intercept, Rogue Twitter accounts fight to preserve government science

Buzzfeed, Group recruiting scientists to run against anti-science GOP lawmakers

EcoWatch, New Zealand river gets status as legal person

The Guardian, Robert Mercer: data billionaire at war with the mainstream media

CNN, Trump supporter arrested for tweet that gives reporter an epileptic seizure

Bershidsky, What the Yahoo hack says about Russian spies

Opinion / Opiniones

Berkowitz, Why Arendt matters

Achtenberg, Argentina’s immigration crackdown rattles Bolivia

Santos, ¿Debe Panamá cerrarse a la inmigración?

Lenzer, Trump’s Panama problem

Gandásegui, Hay alternativas para el puerto en Corozal

Simpson Aguilera, Primera tarea de la Comisión Legislativa

Culture / Cultura

Brin, Looking back at Heinlein’s Future History

Blades, Derek Walcott


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