The Panama News blog links, May 16, 2017


A co-author of this hit song is Panamanian musician and composer Erika Ender

The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

La Estrella, Prácticos del Canal de Panamá presentan habeas data contra la ACP

Berger, The Chinpo shipping case implodes

MarineLink, Maersk: shipping recovery coming

Maritime Professional, New generation of carrier alliances

Costa Rica News, Nicaragua Canal is paralyzed or about to die

EFE, Posibilidades para comercio marítimo boliviano

Post-Gazette, Copa talks with airport authority about Pittsburgh-Panama flights

Sports / Deportes

Telemetro, Boxeo en decadencia

Once a Metro, Michael Amir Murillo wears #62 for the New York Red Bulls

TVN, Panamá gana seis medallas de Jiu Jitsu en República Dominicana

Economy / Economía

TVN, Panamá Bilingüe se convierte en ley de la República

E&N: Panama prohibe Uber en hoteles, aeropuertos y centros comerciales

South Centre, The financial crisis and the Global South

Expansión, El bitcoin pulveriza sus récords

Reuters, Warren Buffett comments on healthcare, trade, buyback

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

EurekAlert!, Tectonic changes may have shaped Panama Canal rocks

Science Recorder, New crack in Antarctica ice shelf could signal coming break

La Vanguardia, Analizan el aumento de contaminación acústica en océanos

STRI, The Earth sank twice, flooding the Western Amazon

Mongabay, Howler monkeys booming 25 years after translocation

WHO, Noncommunicable diseases: the slow motion disaster

NPR: Microsoft’s president reflects on cyberattack, pirates and the NSA

News / Noticias

Radio Panamá, Ministro culpa venezolanos sobre incidente en la U de P

Colombia Reports, Panama-Colombia spat over peace process and crime

Telemetro, Porcell: al menos de 10 delaciones sobre Odebrecht en Panamá

La Estrella, Rescinde contrato a consorcio español investigado por pago de coimas

The Costa Rica Star, SPI agent charged for shooting US tourist

Telemetro, Conceden prórroga por caso de pérdida de armas del SPI

The New York Times, Hillary Clinton’s new political organization

E&N, Trump propone nuevas trabas para visas

The Hill, Kushner family touts US visas for wealthy Chinese

Huffington Post, GOP lawmaker would hand non-English-speaking kids to ICE

Opinion / Opiniones

Varoufakis, Congratulations, President Macron – now we oppose you

James, Twelve reasons to oppose rules on digital commerce in the WTO

Baker, Trump family and friends in your pockets

Navarro & Bessi, The US Southern Command in Costa Rica

Beltrán, What’s in the Fiscal Year 2017 spending package for Central America?

Bosquet, Venezuela’s friends hoping for the best but fearing the worst

Gandásegui, “Al calor de un pretexto, como una chispa estallará”

Simpson Aguilera, “Formación Política e Ideológica”

Beluche, ¿Por qué luchó Victoriano Lorenzo?

Sagel, Comunicación desde el Gobierno

Culture / Cultura

The Plantain, Miami Lakes to build wall and vows to make Hialeah pay for it

BBC, Remote island has ‘world’s worst’ plastic rubbish density

Frank Zappa, Plastic People


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