Bernal, The Bribe Route


Odebrecht fleet

The Bribe Route

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

Bribes come and go, but nobody and nothing stops those who take bribes. It’s like that because we are dealing with a bribery state and not the constitutional state that should prevail.

“Government business” has enabled the greed power brokers’ greed to hijack the mechanisms of citizens’ power and overall control, to the detriment of the functions inherent in state institutions and their dependencies.

Thus, both the Comptroller’s Office and the Office of the Attorney General are no more than cover-up instruments — not investigators of the multiple crimes that occur along the Breibe Route. This has increased and accelerated the decomposition of our societyl leaving the citizens defenseless in all areas of daily life.

Those involved who, by action or omission, have participated in the orgy of corruption are strutting from their luxurious offices and residences, so confident that nothing will happen here.

The unpunished mega-scandal swirling around the Odebrecht criminal enterprise has jammed up and immobilized all of the obligatory avenues of investigation by all of the entities called upon to comply with and enforce compliance of the international treaties against corruption, as well as the constitution and laws that their agents have sworn to uphold.

Odebrecht’s Bribe Route, we found, in our country is more than a Royal Highway — it’s an expanded canal for illicit acts committed with impunity by encysted crooks from the four corners of the Earth.

Neither “rewarded cooperation” nor “formal oral agreements” will serve to properly sanction all of those who, since 2006, took shelter in Marcelo’s Dolce Vita. Only the determined civic will to demand and advance institutional changes will allow us to prevent these people from ending the our burning hopes of better days, for a higher standard of living.

The time has come to shut down the Bribe Route. If we don’t act, if we give in to the executioners of our liberties, we are condemning our nation to be just a place where some people live.


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