Prince’s mercenary attack on Venezuela idea: Think we wouldn’t be used?

Erik Prince, of Blackwater / Xe notoriety. Wikimedia photo.

Panama is a likely staging area for any
US mercenary invasion of Venezuela

a note by Eric Jackson, with some documents and photos

Panama has, since the bases closed at the end of 1999, had a constant US Southern Command presence.

American soldiers train our cops to be soldiers. 

There are drone bases in Panama run by US mercenary corporations.

US mercenary flights come and go from Albrook. A few years ago a young Panamanian SENAN officer died along with several US “civilian contractors” when one of these crashed over Colombia.

Howard has a dedicated hanger run by a mercenary corporation to serve US military flights — like those to support the “humanitarian aid” confrontation on the Colombian – Venezuelan border that was supposed to install Juan Guaidó in power.

Billionaire mercenary CEO Erik Prince may need to be out of the USA shortly anyway, as Congress is about to refer him to prosecutors for lying to one of his committees. But rather than slink into hiding, he has upped the ante by offering a private US invasion of Venezuela.

Surely Panama would be involved. Likely any such undertaking would be the start of a long US war in South America. Would political tensions affect Americans living here? 




US Air Force transport planes during the buildup to the dud on Colombia’s border with Venezuela.

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