Lombana: No negotiation with thugs / Ningúna negociación con maleantes

The PO leece
Foto por la Policia Nacional / Photo by the National Police

Declaraciones en español por Ricardo Lombana


Questions in English by Eric Jackson

1. If he’s against negotiating with criminals, does that mean he’d do away with plea bargaining? Or for that matter the entire accusatorial system of criminal procedure?

2. If he’s against negotiating with criminals, what if the criminal is a foreign head of state?

3. If he’s going to purge all the racketeers and enablers from all the public institutions, would he have to rely on foreign assistance? And would that put far from inerrant foreign governments in charge of vetting Panama’s public servants?

4. He’s going to dedicate MORE resources to “The War on Drugs?” More prison cells for more prisoners? Militarization of society? Isn’t the truth of the matter that this “war” has long been lost and that other approaches to the problem of addiction are needed?

5. The president’s “unrestricted” support? Like the televised mass torture execution of those boys at the Tutelar de Menores in Tocumen during Ricky Martinelli’s time in office? Like Martinelli´s attack on the policlinica in San Felix?

6. “Unrestricted” like what Bukele is doing in El Salvador? Or like the El Mozote Massacre there? Or like the El Aro Massacre in Colombia? Or like the executions in the Chilean soccer stadium when Pinochet took over? Or like the Ayotzinapa Massacre in Mexico?

7. Reforming the Police Law? Like, recognizing that it can be a burnout job that leaves cops with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, so making it possible for them to make other arrangements for their lives without penalizing them?

8. Reforms that play down the mass sweeps, and play up the specifically targeted investigations of crimes? Or just more police on the streets doing what they have always done?

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