Democrats Abroad call to action on abortion rights

Wikimedia photo of a pro-choice demonstration in Chicago by Charles Edward Miller.

Your help is urgently needed to defend a woman’s right to choose

by Democrats Abroad

You have all undoubtedly been following the heinous attack on women’s reproductive rights by the Supreme Court and Texas. SB 8 is in effect today alongside hundreds of other state laws that make abortion nearly impossible. President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and The Department of Justice have all spoken out against Texas law SB 8 and the Supreme Court’s shameful decision. Women’s reproductive freedom is in a perilous position across America.

The Supreme Court is NOT on our side. This new Texas law enables individuals to sue anyone who ‘aids or abets’ those who seek abortions, with a bounty of $10,000 for those who succeed in their lawsuit. The Supreme Court has refused to block SB 8. The court will soon decide another case concerning a 2018 Mississippi anti-choice law. The law drastically prohibits abortion after 15 weeks in blatant contradiction with Roe v Wade and it has already been blocked by a Federal court. But, as we saw with Texas, we cannot depend on the Supreme Court to uphold our constitutional rights. Congress must codify Roe by passing WHPA.

The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) will ​protect the federal right to abortion and would block the barrage of state bans and restrictions on abortion intended to impede or outright deny access. This Act, if passed, will override all of the States’ legislation that prevents women from exercising their Constitutional rights as laid down in Roe v Wade. It is coming to the House for a vote on September 20th.

We are writing TODAY call upon you to take two actions this week.

  • Call or email your representatives, even if they are co-sponsors of the bill
  • Participate in a Tweet Storm on September 20th at 8 AM Panama time (2pm BST)

All the tools you need including a call script, example Tweets, hashtags and graphics are contained in our Activist Kit.

Can we count on you to support women’s rights? Please call or email today.


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