The Panama News blog links, October 29, 2021


The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas
To translate / Para traducir

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

Seatrade, Tonnage transported via the Panama Canal at historic levels

Simple Flying, A history of COPA Airlines

Reuters, American Airlines CEO: onboard violence must stop

El País, Why nobody wants to be a trucker anymore

Mundo Marítimo, Maersk sobre los desafíos logísticos en California

Seatrade, Ship owners likely to see hefty P&I hikes

History, Why the construction of the Panama Canal was so difficult and deadly

Economy / Economía

Metro Libre, Estrategias del gobierno para la reactivación económica

EFE, Panama nurses protest against breach of salary promises

Tehelka, Pandora Papers show rich find a way around in Panama

BBC, China: No more super skyscrapers

Varoufakis, A progressive monetary policy

Zuckerberg, Founder’s letter to shareholders

The saril and the chaya like lots of rain. Photo by the editor.

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

Popular Science, How to tell science from pseudoscience

STRI, Ancestors of whale sharks in Panama may come from distant waters

AP, Cheap antidepressant shows promise in COVID trials

Mongabay, Cooking with the sun

Franta, What Big Oil knew about climate change

MIT Technology Review, Trial data support COVID-19 vaccines for children

Crime scene. Multiple gunmen burst into the Espacio Panama in Casco Viejo, where a Halloween party was underway, opening fire. At least one person in the club shot back. Eleven partiers were shot, four of them fatally. One of the gunman was also shot and killed at the scene. Other gunmen escaped in an SUV. The police trophy photo showed two light-skinned men under arrest and an expensive car and pistol confiscated in Las Acacias. Police say they are looking for other suspects. The next morning the Cortizo administration weighed in as to blame, with Vice Minister of Commerce Omar Montilla pointing out that Espacio Panama, a community center in part of the old Santa Ana Church whose courtyard has been used for event for many years, did not have a liquor license and was not licensed as a discotheque. Photo by the Policia Nacional.

News / Noticias

Radio Temblor, Jornada de protestas sociales

La Estrella, Invasiones de tierra y ausencia de una política de vivienda

La Prensa, Nueva ley blindaría a altos funcionarios

TVN, Magistrado Cedalise presenta denuncia por filtración de fallo

AP, US-Taiwan relations to deepen in face of China tensions

DW, Amnistía Internacional cerrará su sede en Hong Kong por Ley de Seguridad

Rolling Stone, Organizers: Trump staff, US reps part of January 6 planning

AFP, EEUU crea Oficina de Ciberespacio y Política Digital

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Opinion / Opiniones

Galbraith, The JFK assassination cover-up again

Bragg & Teachout, It’s time to end murder by spreadsheet

Boff, The big player absent from the Glasgow climate talks

Pope Francis, Caught up in a succession of “crises”

Santamaría, ¿Enfermedad de la CSS?

Cochez, A la espera de los gringos, ¿otra vez

Gamboa Arosemena, ¿Protestas atomizadas presagian estallido social?

Turner, Día del Estudiante

Video, History, Silenced: A conversation with Marixa Lasso

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Culture / Cultura

El País: Los Rolling Stones, en la picota

The New York Times, The secret toll of racial ambiguity

ACNUR, Refugiarte


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