FEDAP, Abusive Autonomous National University of Chiriqui legislation

The would-be rector for life, Etelvina de Bonagas. Miguel Antonio Bernal’s take: “The nepotism, bureaucracy, corruption and anti-academicism prevailing at UNACHI have been causing irreparable damage to the country.” UNACHI photo.

A noxious UNACHI “reform” law

by the Federation of Professional Associations of Panama (FEDAP)

FEDAP expresses its solidarity with the students and academics of UNACHI and joins their civic protests against bill 756, which promotes the re-election of the Rector and other authorities of said educational institution. Considering the strong arguments and facts, which have been formulated at the national level, which show that it responds to personal and other interests, which have nothing to do with a Panamanian University.

For this reason, FEDAP supports the request made to the President of the Republic, so that he proceeds to veto said Bill, as it constitutes an attack against the academy, science and knowledge, which must be imparted to future qualified professionals. of the nation, which should be the main purpose of a house of university studies.

Finally, we make a call to the colleagues and associations that make up the FEDAP, as well as to the communities, workers, students, so that we firmly achieve the veto of the disastrous bill that concerns us.

March 3, 2022



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