The San Miguelito Metro station and environs

San Miguelito trains 1
San Miguelito started out in the late 50s as a little shantytown near the intersection of the Trans-Isthmian Highway and the road out to Tocumen Airport. It haphazardly grew into a large city — for Panama anyway — and after gaining legal recognition as a municipal district started to regularize many of its services. And was ready and needy when the Metro commuter trains came in.

Getting around by train: the San Miguelito station

Photos by Allan Hawkins V.
This being somewhat the heart of the metropolitan area, you’d expect some urban culture like graffiti art. It’s informal so not properly maintained, but some of it is quite good.


There have been allegations about overpriced construction contracts with kickbacks, but where are the steady money opportunities? Real estate values next to the train stops get elevated and are especially valuable for walk-in businesses.


Part of the Metro train system is a subway but out here in San Miguelito it’s an el. You go up to the platforms and down to the street level.


Intentional or haphazard? A bit of translucent art.


Here comes the next train….

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