The Panama News blog links, August 24, 2015

Pacific locks
Leaky chamber wall on the new Pacific Side locks. Photo from Ariel Corbetti’s Facebook page.

The Panama News blog links, August 24, 2015

Other people’s stuff about Panama, the region and the world….

Video, Rubén Blades – Caín

BBC, PanCanal expansion prompts safety concerns

Seatrade, PanCanal postpones second draft restriction

Tico Times, US concerns about Nicaragua Canal expropriations

The Journal, Rolanda Bell’s steeplechase mishap

TruNews, Weird gringo cult coming to colonize Boquete

Telemetro, Anteproyecto de Ley prohibiría discriminar a personas gay

El Economista, Presupuesto de Panamá para 2016 de $20.106 mil milliones

Reuters, Mercados latinoamericanos caen

Turner, The real demographic challenge

Wallerstein, Free-trade treaties are anti-free trade

EFE, Costa Rica declara ilegal a Uber y decomisa sus vehículos

Sanchez, SouthCom vs Caribbean narco-pirates

Main, Congressional Democrats against military aid to Honduras

SOAW, Victor Jara Justice Campaign

Prensa Latina, Equine encephalitis outbreak in Panama

STRI, Biologists discover skydiving spiders in South American forests

Video, The Who – Boris the Spider

Mellino, Oceans riddled with plastic

Emanuel, Climate change and Hurricane Katrina: what have we learned?

Mongabay, How ya gonna keep ‘em up on the farm?

Condé Nast Traveler, Where to see the Atlantic and Pacific at the same time

The Street, Pros & cons of living in Panama

Taibbi, Donald Trump just stopped being funny

Fang, US TV ads opposing Iran deal organized by Saudi lobbyist

Marple, Chile thinks about legalizing pot

EFE, Más de 600 colombianos deportados por Venezuela

Padrón: Panamá, ida y vuelta

Castro, Escombros que aún se resisten

SD Union-Tribune, Jurisdiction argument doesn’t work in Baldelli slaying case

Jakarta Post, Panama and Indonesia upgrade ties

Yonhap, Panama and South Korea strengthen ties


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