The Panama News blog links, August 4, 2015

Dule Arts Festival
Dule means pertaining to the Guna, but not all the artists at the Dule Arts Festival will be Guna.

Eric Jackson’s links to other people’s work

The Panama News blog links

“Blog,” which derives from “web log,” has come to mean many things. Two of the nastiest are as a euphemism by corporate media management when they move journalists from the payroll to piecework and as an epithet to denigrate the small online media and those who work in them. But although the new front page and sections as such are not yet up, The Panama News will have a Blog section, which gets back to the more original meaning of a log of noteworthy things appearing on the Internet. But you know what? Eric Jackson won’t be the only person collecting and posting links in this section. Maybe YOU might be one of the people who will selecting links to post in the Blogs section. Send us an email if you are interested.

Video: Erika Ender – El lugar que me vio nacer
STRI, Star gazing from the sea floor
The Straits Times, Charges over financing of Chong Chon Gang
PR, Copa now serving Villahermosa
The New York Times, The Casco Viejo cleans up
Baker: Bernie Sanders, open borders and a serious route to global equality
Reich, The revolt against the ruling class
Buruma, Clowns on the campaign trail
ADITAL, Ramonet sobre la izquierda vesus el golpe mediático
Gandásegui, The re-encounter between Washington and Havana
AFP, Polémico proyecto de ley de prensa en Panamá
Wallach, Yet another ‘final’ TPP ministerial and again no deal
Ghosh, Taking stock in China
Video, Puerto Rico defaults on bond payment
Foust, The Puerto Rican debt crisis
DPA, Martinelli podrá ser sometido a juicio tras perder inmunidad
EFE, “Puro teatro” lucha de Panamá contra la corrupción
Simpson, ¿Por qué no arreglamos a Panamá?
Video, Bio-prospecting in Panama
Chavkin, Costa Rica’s new strategy against kidney disease
AFP, Usuarios de internet se duplican en América Latina
TeleAnalysis, Alcatel-Lucent completes Pacific Carribean Undersea cable
ANP, Regulador de seguros pedirá un aumento de capital a las aseguradoras
ADITAL, Violencia paramilitar en Colombia dificulta el proceso de paz
Seattle Weekly, Hiroshima’s Hell 70 years later
Video: Rubén Blades on Fear The Walking Dead

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