The Panama News blog links, September 22, 2015


The Panama News blog links, September 22, 2015

Reuters, Risk of delay to PanCanal expansion finish

Splash 24/7, Locks maintenance to halve PanCanal capacity in coming week

Big News Network, Canal rivalry between Panama and Suez to increase

Cruising World, Guo Chuan sets sailing record for Northeast Passage

World Maritime News, CMES to invest in five Arctic LNG carriers

The Maritime Executive, Arctic cruise ship first for France

AFP, Warming Arctic ice cap

The Diplomat: China, South America and regional integration

PR, Copa woos American business travelers

Prensa Latina, Panama-Cuba agricultural agreement

DFN, BNP Paribas lowers First Quantum Minerals limited price target, Copper prices fall on China fears

The Inertia, Exploring Panamanian surfing

MLS Soccer, Panama calls up Godoy and Torres for October friendlies

Caribbean News Now!, Trinidad to proceed in Warner extradition

Reuters, Petrobras graft scheme origin tied to Lula’s ex-chief of staff

Video, Volkswagen admits cheating on US diesel emissions tests

BU Today, Embryonic frogs can exit eggs early in times of danger

STRI, 72-year-old Boy Scout relives fossil discovery

Mechi Cri, Los ríos de Chiriquí en concesión

Reuters, Solar powered mobile phones for disaster situations

Khor, When so many lives are at stake

Ring of Fire, The CEO who raised AIDS drug from $13 to $750

Baker, Will President Obama stand up to the drug thugs?

El Mundo, Acuerdos entre Venezuela y Colombia para normalizar relaciones

EFE, Uribe se muestra crítico con la reunión entre Santos y Maduro

Reuters, Haitian-Dominican border crisis grows

Martínez, Guatemala celebrates the resignation of Otto Pérez Molina

Hetland, The truth about Hugo Chávez

Video, Bernie Sanders: DNC’s debates rigged, “Todos somos mexicanos”: artistas latinos responden a Trump

Atwood, We are double-plus unfree

Cordero, La mujer del bate y el eterno mito de los roles de género


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